Civilized East

The American Eastern Coast experienced rapid growth early on at the peak of the Age of Exploration. Due to the British working closely with the Native American population, early settlers were able to begin farming and surviving the harsh North American winters. With the continued help of the Native population, small communities thrived and grew into large townships, finally growing larger and becoming cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Savannah.
When the thirteen colonies of the American Union came together as one nation and drove off their foreign masters they were left in relative peace (though the British would make one final attempt to bring their wayward colonies to heel in 1812).Philadelphia circa 1836

This peace was marked by an explosion of Westward movement, as the populations of the major cities began become overcrowded and stifling to some, which Mexico and France eyed warily. The northern half of the west was the property of the French Emperor Napoleon I, while the southern half was properly owned by the Mexican Republic. Both countries sold their territories to the United States for pittances to fund their wars either with others (France) or war with themselves (Mexico) in the years 1803 and 1804 respectively. Suddenly the country stretched from one coast to the other and there seemed to be no end to the land the American people could settle.

The Civilized East continued to grow quickly and efficiently, factories began cropping up throughout the cities and great steel mills rose to prominence engulfing the once specialist tasks of creating steel pieces for construction and gun manufacture. The wealth of the Eastern Coast grew to monumental proportions by year 1860, with Eastern States receiving clear favor in Senatorial and Congressional matters. A rivalry between East and West had blossomed by this point with Rural West resisting the attempts of the Eastern part of the Nation to bring them under the authority of the United States Government in more than just name. War would soon follow in the second year of President Lincoln’s term.

Major Eastern Cities:

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Civilized East

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